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Microsoft Fix It Centerhelp and info

  • What is Fix It Center?

    This program is an add-on that helps to identify, diagnose and solve problems related to the Microsoft operating system. It can be a useful tool if the standard troubleshooting package fails to produce any results.

  • Can I download Fix It Center for Free?

    Users will not be asked to commit to any type of registration or payment plan when downloading Fix It Center for Windows. This program is free to use.

  • Can Fix It Center remove viruses from my hard drive?

    The main purpose of this software package is to diagnose and isolate issues in relation to the performance of a hard drive. It can address problems such as system crashes, slow performance and outdated drivers associated with media playback. It is not designed to work as an anti-virus firewall.

  • Can I access Fix It Center with an email account?

    Although not absolutely necessary,it is highly recommended that the user is logged into his or her Windows Live account. From here, it is possible to access online solutions and even to manage multiple computers at the same time (important for business or networking needs).

  • Will Fix It Center work with Windows XP or Windows Vista?

    According to the latest information provided by official Microsoft sources, this troubleshooter is no longer available for Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.

  • Is Fix It Center free from viruses and other threats?

    This is an official software program that has been developed and tested by Microsoft programmers. Therefore, it should not contain any malicious codes or viruses within its framework.

  • Can I uninstall Fix It Center if I find a problem?

    In the event that you encounter a problem related to Microsoft Fix It Center, you can navigate to the Control Panel. From here, select "Add or Remove Programs". Highlight the appropriate icon and then click the "Change or Remove" option. You will be guided through the removal process. Windows 8 and 10 users could also navigate to the start menu to access this feature.

  • What Windows operating systems can Fix It Center work with?

    Although this diagnostic package no longer works with older versions of Windows (Windows XP and Windows Vista), it is still applicable to newer variants. It can function with Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (version 1709).

  • Will Fix It Center continue to be updated in the future?

    Although older versions of Windows are no longer supported by this PC cleaner, newer variants will be protected. We should therefore assume that additional updates will take place as the need arises.

  • Can I download Fix It Center for an Android smartphone?

    This program has been engineered solely with the needs of Microsoft personal computers in mind. So, there is no version of Windows Fix It available for mobile devices. There are some alternatives available such as Secure Update Scanner. These will help to protect and update your device in the event that any vulnerabilities are discovered.

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